INNER death

The red hat cannot be in the same picture with death, nor with INNER anything… So she made it grey. It is only us who can drive for miles and never get tired. PICTURES MADE BY THE WONDERFUL M.M.

She wears his love like a see-through dress

Somewhere between love and fear, choking and desire, she wears low heel shoes and closes her eyes. I can’t ride my own wild horses. pictures made by M.M click on them for their original size thoughts inspired by U2 – Achtung Baby

A postmodern Holly Golightly

My image of a postmodern Holly Golightly  : 1. One colourful plastic tiara bought from the kids’ department at Accessorize in Marseille 2. One long velvet dress, with a cheap shine, bought from a second hand store in my hometown 3. Snakeskin boots or golden glittery sandals 4. The heroine gives up smoking just before…

Snakeskin Lolita

  I’ve always felt like a rodent twistedly attracted to cold-blooded animals. My warm short fur and the slippery snakeskin, reflecting one another… I wear snakeskin print to remind myself  that I’ve always enjoyed crawling in the dust, that there’s nothing more honest than giving up your legs and pressing your chest against the hot…