Nobody’s ever alone in this country

My friends are on the road again and it feels like it’s their last trip. They’re crossing borders and forever stealing cars.

They drink cheap bear and act angelically, these modern saints. They listen to tall black skinny musicians blowing and tapping their feet, oh, the madness of jazzheads all over America.

They want to feel the very end of America and to thoroughly step beyond it.

This shirt of mine reminds me that I once promised myself to never stop being a boy as well. A naive and sweaty one like Dean Moriarty. Sometimes I think of Hemingway when I wear it or even Hunter S. Thompson. How they were all out of America at some point, drinking themselves to death and hearing beautiful, dark haired girls chime in Spanish. It reminds me of summer and dust, of children playing in the streets of old forgotten villages in South America or Spain.

pictures made by Ionut

 wallet compulsively bought this spring from Pull & Bear

the title is a quote from Holy Kerouac

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  1. Emanuel I. says:

    Sandalele? De unde sunt sandalele?

  2. daria says:

    si pe mine sandalele m-au atras 🙂

  3. sandalele sunt dintr-un magazin second hand din Resita. 🙂 Erau totusi noi si au costat f. putin.

    1. Emanuel I. says:

      Cred că am scris deja pe nșpe mii de bloguri că vreau și eu astfel de sandale, că le-am vazut în Roma purtate de un tip (varianta pe cauciuc transparent) și că nu mai știu unde să caut…

      1. eu zic ca magazinele second hand sunt o pista buna. M-am intalnit de curand cu o prietena care avea acelasi model, dar pe albastru – cumparate tot dintr-un sh. Iti urez succes!

  4. Dariana says:

    cartea!! :X :X :X

    bine bine, si sandalele 🙂

    1. da,asa e! C A R T E A ! ;;)

  5. Anaivilo says:

    I have the same book and I have to read it..I never find the time..too much blogging! :)) I love the mixture of prints and colors, wonderful outfit! 😀

    1. Thanks a looot! As for the book, I highly recommend it, anytime!

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