Now the camera’s on and you’re alive again

They’re saying that Lana del Rey’s collection for H&M is so L.A. noir.

You should be very careful with those words.

You should be careful with that city.

This is definitely not L.A. and never will be.

But how do you sell clothes when you’re singing about girls

that are so tired and so drunk and so addicted to fame

to tripping in front of cameras

to kneeling in front of strangers ?

How do you wear Lynch on your T-shirt?

How do you style terror with

“Talk to me about Hawaii, I’m your dream girl”?

What do you do with your hair when you’re

make-up is all over your face and your prom queen crown

is all crooked?

I was watching the pictures with her and I felt sad.

She was wearing her dread like the most expensive pair of shoes

but they were trying to hide all her rawness, all her sadness

behind powerful lights and jokes about

how dark she is.

You should be so scared, you should be screaming and making clothes

that tell a story about all the girls in her head in her songs.

“She says you don’t want to get this way
Famous, and dumb, and no age
My, I’m dying.”

pictures by dad

4 Comments Add yours

    1. Daaa! Si mie imi place de mor. L-am gasit ratacit intr-un second hand, era 2 lei. 🙂

  1. Anaivilo says:

    That cardigan is so sweet and I adoooore the pants! Such a wonderful outfit! 😀

    1. Thaaaanks a looot! It is actually a skirt but it is really tight, that’s way it may look like a pair of pants. :d

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