I just wore John Lennon

This is a story about girl meets perfect pair of round sunglasses. Actually, the girl has always searched for the perfect pair of sunglasses and has always managed to actually find them. This time the sunglasses found her. The people from Firmoo Online Optical Store were kind enough to let me pick a pair of glasses or sunglasses from a wide range of products. I had to go for the sunglasses, although I almost own an entire drawer of them. They arrived quickly,  in approximately four days. In the package I found a glasses case with a special cloth for cleaning, a textile bag for them and a tool for adjustment ( which means I get to fix some of my old loosened up sunglasses).

This particular pair of glasses reminds me of John Lennon, of course. Maybe he is the reason I put on my black beret and started walking around Bucharest like it was the most beautiful city in the world. And sometimes, believe me, it truly is.  I find myself most comfortable in urban backgrounds, I like the protective shadows of old buildings surrounding me, filled with all those sad or joyful breaths of hundreds of people living inside them without me ever knowing who they really were.

So me and my patient photographer walked ( and drove ) around a tired, dusty but forever autumn glowing city , stopping for a while on Batistei Street, where I spent most of my first year in Bucharest with three of my special hometown friends Mara, Ioana and Iris, in our attempts to escape the dreadful dorms. The simple thought of visiting Mara’s apartment would fill me with ecstatic joy because I would get to pass by the old University building, by The National Theatre  and stare at Intercontinental Hotel’s never ending floors. Then I would walk past the American Embassy on those tiny streets with forgotten houses, pass in awe by The Supreme Court of Justice and finally arrive at her building. There is still a shop there with a window filled with books. We would all read on Mara’s balcony in the weekends, our hearts filled with hope, our minds filled with words, our ashtrays filled with nostalgic cigarette butts, our conversations filled with thinkers nobody thinks about anymore.

I spent around three hours with my sunglasses always on. They protected me from a deceiving sun, I even stared directly at it without hurting my eyes. As a child I always wanted staring at the sun not to be painful. The sunglasses didn’t pinch my nose or ears, at some point I almost forgot I had them on. I was on an alley that seemed so dark and I couldn’t understand why Doru would want to take a photograph there. Then I took the sunglasses off : it was much brighter than I thought so I quickly put them back on.

I built my outfit around this pair of sunglasses and around John and Yoko , it’s the only building I’m good at.

I never build my life around anyone or anything, I let it flow like cars around a city with no traffic, I let it stare at windows, at the sun, at people in the street, but I never let it pick up any brick or clay.

Although Miss Tutli-Putli never hides herself behind labels or trends, she’s truly enjoyed this collaboration with Firmoo. She has to to admit that them being a US brand made her dream a little, like being closer to the place she wants to go to and seeing that this place wants her around.

Also, Firmoo has launched a program offering free eyewear for first-time buyers if that is their first purchase at Firmoo. To know more about this, please check at http://www.firmoo.com/free-glasses.html.

photography by Doru Moraru

wonderful sunglasses from www.firmoo.com



10 Comments Add yours

  1. kittenhood says:

    love these, especially the phone shots! the skirt is delightful and the colors too!

    1. thank you so much! I enjoyed this photo shoot as well, especially the part with the abandoned phone booth. 🙂

  2. Sam Waterburry says:
  3. mateatpol says:

    amazing photos! and I like your skirt very very much!

    1. thank you very much!! It is actually a dress from a Romanian shop,Nissa. Here is a picture with it : https://dailytutliputli.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/428005_389213314423191_100000035768047_1578574_1311449053_n.jpg

  4. Toothfairy says:

    I really love them! Could you please tell me which tint/gradient tint did you choose? I want to order a pair too and don’t know whiich one to get 😦

  5. They are now available on the site only in one color – Chocolate (C4). This is the one I got as well. Happy shopping!!

    1. Toothfairy says:

      I know and that’s the colour I’d like to get, but I’m talking about the lenses, not the frame.. You can choose tint or gradient tint, 20-40-60-80%, and I was asking what’s yours 🙂

      1. Oh, I am so sorry I got it wrong.
        I have no idea what tint they are, unfortunately. I didn’t make any special requirements for them.

        Sorry I was of no help.

  6. card says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing.

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