Completely finally black and fake leather

This is a walk-through-Central-Park-with-no-fear look, the whole hobo-chic combo being scraped out of the bottom of my closet.

I woke up one night this past week with fear jumping on my chest.

I felt unsafe, I feel unsafe in this city whenever I am alone…and I imagined New York city, careless and tall and not having the time to protect me.

It felt impossible to actually move there, to actually live walk breath shop dress there.

And then I realized that I will be able to put my feet on its solid dusty ground and embrace it the same cautious but exhuberant way I embraced Bucharest.

I’m drinking milk and smiling while realizing how I “suddenly” want to wear more black or (fake) leather.

It is never sudden. It is the direct consequence of browsing through all the street style blogs and it’s fine with me.

I amuse myself by picking the latest trends right from my messy drawers or from an unknown second-hand shop from my hometown.

I feel like I am always  winning this way, not using huge amounts of money to gain access to coolness and chicness.

Some people might call me strange, just strange and deny me the right to all the other epithets while wrapping themselves in the silkiest gowns ever…

I don’t like labels precisely because they make things easier for you.

I remember seeing Lady Gaga in Ulyana’s designs. It made me uneasy.

I was walking with you on Calea Dorobanti at the beginning of summer.

I told you I would wear designer clothes if  I had enough money.

No half-measures, no affordable fashion labels.

Until then ….

I’ll wrap myself in cheap second-hand and not care how shabby people think my clothes are.

photos by Ionut, for whom I always reveal the bravest legs

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  1. Ionut Sterpan says:


  2. Emanuel I. says:

    Ce stylish, trendy, gorgeous pulover ai!!!!!

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