This is a race. Let’s go fast, honey.

I am sick and eating only boiled vegetables.

I am trying not to hear my neighbors’ abusive music.

It hurts to listen to that kind of music, but I am the only one bleeding.

So what was there left for me to do?

Dress-up, put my red lipstick on ( I had some trouble finding it ) and torture myself

while taking a few shots on the balcony.

Then quickly run to my computer and put my headphones on,

put Lana Del Rey on.

Imagine me taking the photographs while greasy lazy workers are fixing the roof of the building

with the sound of dance-reggaeton-or-how-they-call-it reminding me


I’m still here



nobody wants me here.

shirt and pants from The Dear Hunters

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  1. Anaivilo says:

    That is such a fabulous shirt! I love the color and the design 😀

    1. thank you! I love it too. Couldn’t wait to properly photograph it, so I did this quick post. 🙂

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