Before we reel

It all comes down to legitimacy

and what counts as “real” philisophy, “real” men or women

and how fragile and misleading

and especially harmful

this “reality” is.

It all comes down to why

I can’t stand a man like Horia Brenciu or Stefan Banica Jr.

singing and pretending to be an exponent of virility

and other men just like them declaring any other form of masculinity

as obnoxious.

When I see Bowie dressed in colorful, tight jumpsuits

with red patent leather boots

and make-up on

I feel at home.

Not because I see a man or a woman there.

It’s because I see an honest expression of the possibilities our humanity offers us.

And that’s reality for me.

Photography by Doru Moraru

2 Comments Add yours

  1. silvia says:

    I love “the Davids” too, they are “deranged” in a way that makes me feel like home, just like you said.

  2. Anaivilo says:

    Oh the prints and the colors!! And the shoes… fabulous outfit!! 😀 And you are so right about David 😉

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