Can you teach me how to dance real slow?


Yes, this is an American flag wrapped around my thighs and it only makes me sad not to own a never ending skirt like this. We bought the flag in France, Marseille, an European experience to be repeated oly when the French population of the city would be replaced by cheerful, English speaking aliens. I am trying to slip in this pseduo-conversation some words I have been struggling to learn, like hoodwink and lambasted, but it would sound pretentious and artificial. Like all these sentence completion tasks where you get to read the stories of so many fictional characters, losing companies, fighting with their partners, writing columns for newspapers or simply “hoodwinking” their audience as comedians. If you actually know the words, the sentences become opportunities for learning more about the world, one would expect, but I never get close enough to this stage.

Yesterday was one of the happiest days of our lives lately. We woke up without being woken up and learnt we had somehow managed to get an extra hour of sleep. For an outside observer this may seem rather sad, all this struggle, all those expectations that could shatter in an instant.

That is why I took a minute to reflect and wrap the American flag around me in anticipation of a future of blue, white, red, stars, stripes,long legs, narrow hips.

Bear with me,at least for one more week.

P.S : I ruined my Lana T-shirt I designed at the Puma event.

photos by Ionut

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  1. i like your blog and creative styling. I am also the one who would be burried under secondhand clothes:)

    1. Thank you very much! Welcome to the club of girls buried in their second hand clothes. ❤

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