We were sparkling

Whenever I have a nightmare, whenever I dream and it feels horrible – I wear something colorful the next day. It is supposed to drive gloomy, black thoughts away. They follow me nevertheless, these faithful shadows – perfect simulations of this fragile body of mine.

 I will never teach anyone how to be a woman in four easy steps or how to look effortlessly chic, no. I can’t give ten tips for dating or losing or gaining weight or matching your shoes with your jacket. I will not  preach about being a real man either , but some people do.

I just put on a pink shirt and some socks, patent leather shoes and smile while people who read those glossy, we-know-better-magazines stare in disapproval. I open my coat as wide as possible, so that they can see the entire ensemble – shirt – bright yellow vest – mauve skirt – mauve stockings – crazy woolen socks – the sunglasses – the boyish haircut – proudly wearing my body like it belongs to no one else – and during those glorious moments, trust me, it belongs entirely to me.

Confession – I have dreamed to be on the “worst dressed” section of every style magazine in the world ever since I saw Björk on it. It seemed unfair at that time,
but then I realized that she belonged there, along with many of  the people that deserve my respect.

So give me your “worst dressed” and I shall bathe in their clothes, in their minds, in their souls and I shall forever fill the world with their dreaded existence.

Listen to My Brightest Diamond

Photos by Ionut

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Anaivilo says:

    I loooove the colors!! 😀

    1. me too! It is my interpretation of this autumn’s trends, I guess. With just a hint of neurosis, as Carrie Bradshaw would say.

  2. gasp… that coat is amazing. it’s the perfect mix of menswear and vintange. and of course, i love the color mix. you’re the master!

    1. hihih, you’re too kind! Thank you so much! :*

  3. amber says:

    this is an awesome post. and you look awesome. i love how brutally honest you are, and how you are not afraid to be yourself. it’s very admirable. following your blog 🙂 so glad to have discovered it. how is your weekend going, dear?

    xox, amber

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