Ne me quitte pas, mon cher ( Episode 1 )

pe bloc (18)

But if you’re a friend of any sort, then play along and catch a cold.

This will be a story about clean wide smiles, colorfoul fabrics never to be stained by teary mascara.
This will be a story about the beginning of so many beautiful friendships.
This will be  a story about Audrey meets Audrey.
We think of Audrey. Gabriela always puts some Audrey on :  a clean smile, a feline gaze, 50s cuts, dots, she sometimes even starts to sing “Moon river”. I think of Audrey Hepburn- how she would have laughed – how she would have smiled seeing us girls, make-up on and high heels, smiles and shivers – sharing the world, the city, taking it all in. Sometimes you start living when you stop making excuses, when you dip your feet without knowing how deep the water may be.

This is a prologue to a story I will never get tired of telling.
Years from now I will still go : Remember that time when we went on that roof? The wind was coldly blowing, the sun was nowhere to be seen. We put on the highest heels you brought – they calmly helped us move around the rooftop, they took hundreds of photographs and made us feel like the Audrey we know we can be.

Audrey is power and grace, thunder and spring rain, pure winter and bright red lips, laughter and frowns.
Audrey is when you throw your arms around the world and embrace it like the missed lover you haven’t seen in ages.
Audrey is when you jump in a fast car with that lover and you are too happy to look back.
Audrey is when you gently light a cigarette and patiently wait for your next rencontre.
Audrey is when you sigh and take your shoes out of the refrigerator. Or the oven…

Audrey is New York and Paris and all the space in between.

Gabriela has been trying to show us that Audrey can be Bucharest as well.

See the magic she has created here

Stay tuned for a crazy mix of Gabriela Atanasov‘s pieces in the next posts.

Special thanks to Gabriela Atanasov, Fabian Tatomirescu, Bella Renner, Paul Träger and Florin Dumitru

Photography by Fabian Tatomirescu and Paul Träger

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Mona says:

    You’re so darn gorgeous!!
    Love the photoshoot!

    1. Thank you so much, Kisses!

      1. gabriela says:

        now…that i finished reading this…i’m speechless….even if i wanted to write here another story!
        God i feel so lucky and happy i met a HUMAN BEING like you…\You made my day darling!
        i will play along and catch a cold.! I promise…next time…WINTER, SNOW, AND CHRISTMAS GLOW!

  2. milex says:

    After seeing this I may be you stalker now

    1. I am glad, Milex. Do come by again. ❤

  3. Anaivilo says:

    You resemble so much with Audrey here..with that haircut, adn it suits you so great!! I love the clothes and the photos! 😀

    1. Thank you very much. We had a lot of fun shooting these pictures. Kisses!

  4. kittenhood says:

    I love what you guys did and that you did it! my fav pic is the last one – super high fashion!

    1. Thank you!!! I am still overwhelmed. I am more than happy to have done this together with Gabi.

      About the last picture, what can I say – just give a girl a wire, a chance and a good photographer and she can do high fashion. ❤

  5. wow, i am speechless. the photos are amazing. this belongs in a magazine, it would be the most awesome editorial.

    1. Aw, thank you so much!!!!! We really loved the way it turned out as well. I am glad you like it too.

      Love back,


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