Darkest shoulder ( Episode 3 )

pe bloc (90)



pe bloc (83)


pe bloc (81)


pe bloc (89)

So the moral of the story is : magic doesn’t save your kids.



One shoulder – empty, clean, no weight on it.

The other shoulder – heavy, crooked, hands on it – always.

Two voices, two shoulders, two ways of being in this world.

Two worlds actually.

One way leads to yourself.

The other – nowhere.

Sometimes there is darkness, fluid, black darkness and you can hear yourself slowly breathing.

Sometimes your face is so dark and dirty, sometimes you bathe only in mires and forget you cannot swim.

Sometimes you plunge just for the beauty of it – your soft pale yellow skin , the contrast with the slimy soil.

 Sometimes you wash just to get dirty all over again.

Sometimes there is light, but nobody wants to hear about it.

Sometimes there is no dancing, just listening.

Sometimes there is no breathing, just leaving those deep forests, deep waters, green watery woods, leafy dry waters behind.

I found  so much junk after diving into myself.

Messy remains of someone who cannot get enough when it comes to looking into a mirror.

Sometimes you just have to learn to take junk for what it is – not recyclable.

Sometimes you just have to learn to take people for what they are – more than mirrors.

watch watch watch watch watch them walk away

let them walk away

dresses from Gabriela Atanasov‘s collection. Shop them here .

Photography by Fabian Tatomirescu and Paul Träger

Special thanks to Bella Renner and Florin Dumitru as well

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