Nezburată aripă ( a wing that has not flown yet )




fabulos ziua 2 338

fabulos ziua 2 344

fabulos ziua 2 323

fabulos ziua 2 368

I began to walk barefoot

along the dazzling knife edge

when, one by one, my feet

bloodily sliced their soles on it.

I was walking on the long knife blade before me,

slowly my right leg was sliced,

slowly my left leg was sliced.

( Nichita Stănescu, fragment from Knot 30,translation by Adam J. Sorkin and Olimpia Iacob )

First picture by Dana Paun from Color Stalker

Photography by Fabian Tatomirescu

The translation from Nichita Stănescu is mostly for my foreign readers with whom I want to share the experience of reading his poems

more to come with the entire outfit on Color Stalker

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Bogdanian says:

    you should start being a model or maybe make your own clothes shop.

    1. Thank you. Not sure if I can properly do either .It is not false modesty.I just think they require a certain type of commitment I am not sure I am capable of.

  2. Bogdanian says:

    overthinking gets you nowhere. i saw you did some professional photoshoots and let me say you are quite gorgeus with proper make-up.

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