pe bloc (111)





As long as you live, how many times ?
The world will go around.

22, 23. 23 still does not mean anything yet, does not feel in any particular way. 18 used to matter, as far as I can remember. 20, 21 – not sure they are  part of my life just yet. some labels simply won’t stick – I must have heard this somewhere.some lives won’t be lived properly, some sadness will always attach itself to me. like those words you never want to write again,but you keep coming back – like injuries, like wound and soul and hurt and forever. like nothing, like everything, like dearest,

like never to be told again.

pictures by Paul Träger and Fabian Tatomirescu

shop the purple and black leather skirts from Gabriela Atanasov‘s collection here

special thanks to Bella Renner and Florin Dumitru as well

P.S : In the mean time I went out, got drunk on two glasses of Cosmopolitan and dreams about New York.

Maybe 23 means I have to stop fear from becoming a habit. But that is a totally different, long story.

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