Les filles florissantes





Bienvenue dans mon univers de fleurs! – that’s how Isabelle Vijiiac greets us in her new project

Les filles florissantes.

The project presents the new accessories line by La Chatterie in a campaign that takes place on Instagram throughout the whole year 2013. Every item is an extension of the personality of the person wearing it, says Isabelle. Every item is unique, just as the one wearing it.

I was thrilled to be part of this project. Isabelle chose for me a Frida-Kahlo-looking headband to which she added black tulle – she seemed to be aware of all the drama I wrap myself into, and made me climb the fountains at Unirea Square – she wanted to capture the chaotic traffic, the city behind me, surrounding me with its thick web of so many lives running into each other, bumping hearts into bumping hearts, bumping madness into bumping madness.

Les filles florissantes on Facebook

Les filles florissantes on Instagram

photos by Isabelle Vijiiac

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dariana says:

    superb totul impreuna cu locatia. iar ultima poza este pure genius!

    1. Multumesc mult!!! Isabelle gets most of the credit!! A fost o experienta minunata, ma bucur ca iti place.

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