So what if right now everything’s wrong?









Daria from Kittenhood asked me to do a guest post for her blog and I decided to do a special outfit post to go along with her cool-the movies-I-watch-like pictures.

She was kind enough to allow me to post the pictures here as well.

I was deeply touched and inspired by the Fall/Winter 2013 Miu Miu collection.

See the original post here.

Photos by Matilda Marin from Superficial Sighs

just for the record : I’ve decided long ago that  I’d throw on all the clothes I can find, layer after layer, just so they couldn’t see me anymore, so that my shape stopped being anyone’s concern. I have learned over the years that my body’s shape can be safely displayed in front of : mirrors, older men who always prove to be boys ( just the way I like them ) , girls who later become my best friends, strangers in night clubs, black cats that end up sleeping on my chest. Dressing up is always a fight between what I reveal and what I choose to conceal. Sometimes I’ll show my legs just so they can see what they will never get. Sometimes I hide my face behind ridiculously unfit sunglasses so that not everybody can have access to my happiness. When I cry, I cry with my sunglasses off, I do not even bother to cover my face with my hands, I cry in the middle of the street, on the subway or the bus and nobody dares to say a single word.

I still decide not to show, I just put on a show. 

And then there are those gloriously gruesome moments when everything that could be shown is brought in front of this fragile, glass-like human world and it breaks it open with a crack so loud that it makes me giggle and sob at the same time. Sometimes I get out in the street just to show people something ugly, just so that I can bring forth all the ugliness we cast aside. That’s why make-up is never my first choice. Sometimes I surrender to make-up and play along, conceal, choose not to reveal and pose into the beautifully-pink-cheeked and decently lost girl. The battle is constant and never-ending. You’ll be fooled, I’ll get fooled, I will fool you again and then look into all the distorted mirrors that keep me going. In the end, it could turn into a win-win situation if only I hadn’t stopped playing games. –

Listen to Sheryl Crow – It it makes you happy

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