Small town anguish : the house and the town square









Reșița is the town I was born in. It happened to be a small town, it happened to be in Romania. I happened to be a loved child, I happened to have caring, understanding and loving parents. I happened to have an emotional, hyperactive and hilarious grandmother with whom I can still take great pictures. I happened to have an image-making obssesed father and a not-so-jealous-forever-supportive-and-creative mother. I happened to sometimes enjoy living there. I happened to be sometimes mocked by kids at school. I happend to cry because of it. I happened to be admired by kids at school at times and I happened to enjoy it.

These are pictures of the house my grandma lives in, filled with the objects that made up my childhood : the emblematic brunette lady, almost naked whose picture hanged above my grandfather’s bed or the red blanket strategically placed on the couch. These are also pictures of my neighborhood, which happened to be close to the town square. These are pictures of a small town in Romania, a country which only artificially exists, like any other country in this world.

For me, there is no entity called Romania, or Reșița or family for that matter. There are only people and their actions, and their complete responsibility for them. There is no duty towards a non-existent entity, there is only love and gratitude for the actions that flow from them.

These pictures thank my mother and my father, these pictures thank my grandparents. People should be thanked if and only if they deserve it, not because they happened to be biologically related to us.

The pictures show my subjective take on parts of a small town in Romania I left five years ago. The pictures are about love, gratitude but self-irony as well. The pictures do not take too seriously the so-called ‘’hometown’’or the so-called ‘’home country’’. The pictures do not take non-entities too seriously.The pictures were not taken out of duty for a non-entity.

The pictures are a choice. The pictures express my need for offering an homage to some great people that happened to live or have been living in Reșița and that happened to offer me one of the best eighteen years one can have.

pictures on film taken by dad

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  1. myLittleAstrology says:

    Loved the emblematic brunette lady 🙂

  2. 4 ani cat am locuit in Resita mi s-a parut ca e centrul universului, probabil pentru ca eram eu in perioada in care abia descopeream lumea si viata si cel putin pentru mine, acolo se intampla mereu ceva interesant, dramatic, important.
    Habar n-am de ce cand trec acum pe acolo mi se pare trist si apasator, nu am niciun fel de tragere de inima sa merg in vizita, desi o fac periodic pentru ca am si eu o bunica acolo. 🙂

    1. Trist si apasator, da, cateodata si pentru mine. Voi exprima poate candva si aceasta dimensiune a orasului, sau poate a mea, ca orasul doar sta acolo, noi il populam cu fricile sau entuziasmul nostru. Nicio graba oricum, nicio datorie, nimic care sa ne lege in absolut de vreun loc.

  3. Sandra says:

    ce-mi place articolul asta

    1. ma bucur mult, Sandra.
      e inceputul unui mic proiect legat de raportarea mea la trecut, la locuri si la oameni din trecut.
      sper sa reusesc sa transmit macar o parte din ce am de transmis.

  4. Alice says:

    This is beautiful – the photos and the text, so beautiful it’s hard to even say anything at all but you know, I’ve been here, I read, I felt your words and here I am leaving a trace!

    1. Thank you so much for seeing and reading and leaving a trace!!! 🙂

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