This is almost New York









This photo shoot could have taken place in front of Hotel Chelsea in New York. Who knows, maybe me and Fatima will meet again in Manhattan or Los Angeles or San Francisco. We actually met in Bucharest. She told me stories about living in and leaving the US, I told her stories about living in and leaving Romania. Sometimes we get tired of a place while forgetting that others might be missing it or have just discovered it. Then again, I have always missed New York even though it has never been mine. New York has always been ‘the’ potential lover, ‘’the proverbial Mr. Big’’ and I feel like I am supposed to get ready for the first date with the perfect city. The pressure is so high – what if dating the perfect city is not what I really need, what if the perfect city will find me boring or irrelevant, what if the city will never call me again and I will be left hanging by the phone for the rest of my life? You see, New York, I feel like going on a blind date sometimes – I fear the pictures and the movies and all those buildings and lights will not be there when I arrive and I will be left with a date I would rather run from. I’ve heard you are noisy and dirty, but I can handle noise and dirt quite well. What if there is no such thing as the perfect city? What if New York is simply a wonderful lover you need to meet and just take it from there? What if this is ‘’the end of [my] dream of finding the proverbial Mr. Big – a man who doesn’t really exist’’ ?

’’And so we leave [Raluca ] to enter a new phase in her life when she understands that she will find herself (without a man) and in doing so will hopefully be able to find a relationship.’’. In the mean time, she’ll be definitely living in and with her potentially favorite lover, New York City.

the quotes are taken from Candace Bushnell’s book, Sex and the city

photos taken by Paul Lupaşcu

concept and edit by Fatima, Paul and myself

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