You should start wearing our jacket(s)

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Buy the clothes on










Soundtrack : Molly Nilson – I’m still wearing his jacket

[ Although the summer nights are way too bright, I sleep next to my phone and I leave on the lights. ]

[ Every time it hurts, it hurts just like the first. But then you cry until there’s no more tears. ]

Yet another thrilling collaboration between Miss Tutli-Putli, Sweet Paprika and Bookletta !

This time Gabi, Sanda and I are offering you an affordable online vintage shop. You can also see the clothes for yourself and try them on if you pay the girls a visit at the Sweet Paprika & Bookletta Showroom. 

Pictures taken by Fabian Tatomirescu

make-up artist and photo assistant – Bella Renner

styling by Gabriela Atanasov

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