Bite chunks out of me





New York is the kind of city that makes you feel lucky just  for being able to walk its streets, even though it is dirty, loud, rude, crowded and expensive. It is no wonder I am falling for New York or that I have been falling for it since the very beginning. Mysterious, indifferent, rough, moody, unpredictable : it is exactly my type. When I walk alone on the streets of Manhattan, I get the same feeling I used to get while dating : there is something that makes me want to run far away, but that something isn’t strong enough to actually make me leave. New York is this charming, intelligent jerk that makes me come for more. It is almost exactly the way I imagined it – always more than that, never less. I am starting to understand Carrie’s words, when she said she was dating the city. Living in New York truly seems to be a full-time commitment to a predominantly frowning male figure, but who you can sometimes annihilate with a surprisingly relaxed and confident smile.

pictures taken in the infamous Times Square

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ale R. says:

    Glad you enjoyed NY… Good luck there! 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot for your support! Really! :*

      1. Ale R. says:

        You deserve it! Seriously! :*

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