Bought a 1.75l Minute Maid Tropical Punch and whole wheat smart bagels, some yogurt, some cottage cheese and  microwave popcorn. Found Middlesex in the dinning room. I borrowed it. Spent all day alone, went to Luster photo & digital on Avenue A. My photos will be ready on Monday. Around 6 I planned going downstairs and take a photo of myself in front of what I considered to be a classic New York building. Fell asleep instead and dreamt, of course, in Romanian. Something about how I should actually write down my dreams, me and some friends walking past some nicely decorated kitchen furniture. I would have bought some wine maybe – but this is a dry building. I can deal with that. No alcohol. No cigarettes. The room is small and clean. I live in New York city now. I live on the Upper East Side. It’s strange how I always knew this would be enough.

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