Won’t somebody buy me menthol cigarettes tonight?



Mi-e dor de o viață pe care nu am avut-o niciodată. (…) Fete blonde cu ochelari mari de soare trec prin fața cafenelei în care tocmai ne-am oprit. Mâna dreaptă se întinde spre paharul de vin,. Dacă întorc privirea puțin în spate văd steagul Americii. – iulie 2011

 Fumez Virginia Slims Menthol și am 40 de kilograme. Port un sutien de dantelă și îmi afișez abilitățile terapeutice ca pe cele mai scumpe accesorii. – iulie 2011

I am missing a life I never had. Blonde girls with their big sunglasses passing by the coffee shop we’re in. My right hand reaching towards the glass of wine. If I look behind me I can see the American flag.

July 2011

I smoke Virgina Slims Menthol and weigh 40 kg. I wear a lace bra and show off my therapeutic abilities like they’re my fanciest accessories.

July 2011


pictures taken in September 2011 by Matilda Marin

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  1. couturecreeps says:

    You dream of lives you never had and to me you seem inhumanly free. But then again, i may be, as well, dreaming of lives i never had just by watching you. You are an inspiration.

    1. I used to dream and I still dream of lives that are not my own. I think I am free too, but that’s precisely what sometimes makes me want to run away from my own life. Thanks! 🙂

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