Well, I am an intricate network of hidden cameras and death






Hint about the personal things. “/ Bucharest, I cannot exist …”. And I want everybody to look back. Oh no, not. Să nu ne mai… în nimic. Now she looks at you, wants to thereby act into a mature little piece of work of art. Can you? Forgotten accessories and she used to be. Nobody’s ever said ‘hopeless’, though; that’s where I want everybody to avoid make-up. I like the power to believe that. “I will not.” Well, I am an intricate network of hidden cameras and death. Just to thrive and at last find our full potential to wound you. I’m from the sun, looking.”He said ‘hopeless,’ though; that’s when there’s nothing to protect them. But, I sort of Romanian, via the thing on my voice, they know. Community as getting out quickly. No time. And I think I just want to thank. Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits, rabbits. Midas is king and at last find [that] nothing is true. And I did blow. Choose a key pushed through thick glass. Sfârşitul lumii, îmi spunea Creangă; şi cred că e .Numai o secundă sau două. Sick Boy. These pictures of another being as sex and the pagan angel rose to say that. You’ll never fail like a couple. Now she looks like a haunted house, like a mindful of flame. And oh what a pity the world’s ideals of masculinity and femininity… O poză din seria sometimes they caught the last stronghold of sin, transgression and skirt. I know my name, my back. It was still a future of blue, white, red, stars, stripes, long hot burden nowhere, the constitutive deplorable condition, the power to be. Așa e capătul infinitului, e. Chasing the selfish, fucked up… Jenny. The past or the language of yourself back. 20 is a mess. I have never named, I was.

via myself, my Facebook profile and http://what-would-i-say.com/

pictures taken by Ion Sterpan in Fairfax, Virginia

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