Nothing blings and nothing rings






How many designer bags can you fit in a closet? How many walk-in closets can you fit in a house? How many houses until you forget where you live? In Coppola’s latest movie there’s rich young people stealing from richer and slightly older people. Is this about Hollywood and about those Miu Miu heels we could never afford? I went to Bloomingdale’s in New York. I walked past all those expensive, almost unapproachable clothes. I laid my hands on a classic Burberry trench coat. It was three thousand dollars. I saw Chanel and Prada sandals. I almost could not tell the difference. All of my life I have lived amongst fake plastic shoes. And all this time the original, leather versions of these shoes were somewhere else. On some other rack in some other country. On someone else’s feet. Walking past someone else’s house. It seemed as if it were too late. Looking at five hundred dollar shoes and not being able to tell the difference. Staring at them, touching them, almost smelling them. Five hundred. This is the place and time. This is the moment when you should understand Carrie Bradshaw – but you don’t. Maybe I should be starring at five thousand dollars shoes. Maybe then I could tell the difference. You can’t tell the difference anymore. That’s what’s going on in The Bling Ring. They can’t tell, at least. Paris Hilton does not notice when she is robbed. She maybe notices it when it happens the fifth time. Designer bags, designer sunglasses, designer shoes, all pilled up in those surreal walk-in closets. Those glittery monsters no one dares not to talk about. Sequins and colorful furs. And still. With Paris you can tell. Disgusting, cheating, stealing creatures. Thinking they look good just because. Thinking that Chanel can solve their problems – in the form of their favorite perfume or a thick gold necklace. Cocaine and night clubs in L.A. where Kirsten Dunst hangs around. Champagne for fifteen years olds. Palm trees and convertibles. Life becomes a Monopoly game where jail is just a pit stop. Disgusting. Like Paris Hilton and her fame. Like all those people who are part of that fame. Let’s go shopping. Let’s pretend we bling and we ring. When nothing about us either blings or rings. And it never will.

The Bling Ring trailer

pictures taken by Ion Sterpan

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