Clueless, more or less

  Heather: It’s just like Hamlet said, “To thine own self be true.” Cher: Hamlet didn’t say that. Heather: I think I remember Hamlet accurately. Cher: Well, I remember Mel Gibson accurately, and he didn’t say that. That Polonius guy did. Last days in California. Went thrifting in Santa Ana and bought 2 dollar skirts…

Nobody wears berets in Orange County

  How can I describe a palm tree? How can I describe the hills or the ocean or the small swimming pools all around? How do I even begin to tell the story of a death museum I saw in LA? I did not get in, but it made perfect sense, a MUSEUM OF DEATH…

People are afraid to merge on freeways in Los Angeles

California is this space in between life and death, that’s what I told everybody. California can barely be photographed, it expects you to make endless movies for and about it. People spend their days in their cars, driving from one place to another and everything is perfectly clean and clear and the breeze slowly moves…

Ceci n’est pas la vie

This happened before California and now it stands almost unrecorded. pictures taken by Ion Sterpan

It’s just a restless feeling by my side

I saw the ocean the day right after I had a dream about being on a boat, limitless water and my father and I leaving everybody behind or at least not helping them. It did not have any smell to me, except when we went to the beach and I felt the smell of wet sand….

Henry Miller kind of hat

Henry Miller’s New York is not my New York, although I sometimes think it is. “New York is cold, glittering, malign. The buildings dominate. There is a sort of atomic frenzy to the activity going on; the more furious the pace, the more diminished the spirit. A constant ferment, but it might just as well…

Not even tenderness

We only steal some versions of our futures from each other. That’s all. Mine got stolen long ago, but that was also the moment it ceased to be mine. I’m hoping this time the future will become mine. Soko – I’ll kill her pictures taken by Ion Sterpan