It’s typical of you standing out in the pouring rain


He brought me stolen daisies and we fucked in the elevator. “But in a normal sort of way. Like I am you and you are me.” Love turned out to be the shape of my blood on his hands.


We fucked on our way to the bedroom, we fucked on the bed. We smoked cigarettes and hoped for the best. We were like sailors finally coming to shore.


We barely left that apartment. We ate pizza and held our heads and mouths and bones really close. We did not hear about wars or about planes flying closer and closer to the ground. We went to a party and fucked in the bathroom, while people were waiting in line and Kurt Cobain was doing his thing.


We told each other that the city is more beautiful. With each other. We told each other war stories and I forgot to sleep with my pink sleeping mask. We unveiled truths we are not sure of yet.


We closed our eyes and opened our mouths. I barely walked sometimes. We silenced voices that wanted to take part of what was going to become us.

We’ll fry eggs and bacon and we’ll sweat our souls out just to rehydrate them back inside.

pictures and magic by Irina Gache

we sucked our thumbs and tongues for Irina’s Oral Fixation Project

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