I wanted to say something nice



about the people around me or at least the ghosts that haunt me-writing childlike rhymes is like writing on the wall in our room-this verses are like children holding hands-I never learned anything from school-except that when your knees bend it hurts-except that your knees are not plastic-not even soft not even hard-the Barbie dolls I took at school-and played with during classess-they were replaced by books-even on the shelves-I started taking books at school-instead of anything else-this is the neverending story of remembering-until the future comes-with death-and no promises of an afterlife-not even immortality through something-anything



10943174_769984386390871_124549244_n_zpswzgwagse (1)


photos by Irina Gache Bucharest, February 2015

styling by Raluca Roșu #aestheticscreator 


poem by Raluca Roșu #Iwrite | #dailytutliputli x #irinagache

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