Kombinat – Clothing Store · Vintage Store · Tea Room / Part One

On our way to Kombinat ( Pitar Moş 21) : “second-hand creativ haine cărţi vintage designeri slow shopping muzici pe vinil relaxare fotografie inspiraţie ceai reviste kestii”

The yard

The ground floor/ the clothing store

The unisex corner

On our way upstairs

The living room

The records

More to come in part two where you get to see me trying on and styling some outfits from the clothing store, the terrace and more details from the main floor which functions as an unconventional and home-like tea room.

Kombinat is open Monday through Saturday, from 10:30 AM to 8.30 PM. Also, at Kombinat you only pay for the actual time spent there, not for the drinks. Take your time. 

photography by Vivian Dunger

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