Some people fear

 photo shinyairbrush_zpsmcnusowt.jpg

*picture by Matilda Marin

some people fear


pubic hair, facial hair, armpit hair

some people fear any hair
that is not on women’s heads
only trimmed eyebrows, please
some people think they’re open-minded if they accept slips from time to time
hair on women’s arms
all this happens while women:
pluck their hair out
some people fear nipples
unless they’re in adult magazines for men or if
they belong to men
some people dread any sign of menstruation
from tampons around the house, small to medium blood stains
only until recently some people laughed at the sight of camel toes
now they fear that too
social media complies and
deletes all the camel toes in the world
cleans any blood stains in sight
offers women razors and such and expects only carefully airbrushed female nipples
some people fear all of these things
and these people
are always happy to go to their respective gender assigned bathrooms
all over the world

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