Empty stomach blues

Empty stomach blues December 2015 Still feels like autumn came to rest firmly asking for my chest Chastity was never my thing I kept a couple of firsts though- Like riding fast cars, wheels off with a boy that was never just a toy. I feel vacant, yet recovering Like some data hardly ever lost…


Skinny Bunny for Christmas – FOLLOW THIS LINK TO WIN THE  DRESS IN THE FIRST PICTURE/ competition ends on January 3rd 2016– Dresses: Mary Stroe (Skinny Lapin) Styling: Mary Stroe and Raluca Roşu MUA: Picus Viridis Photography: Vivian Dünger Model: Raluca Rosu        

Hotel Cortez, Obor

    photograpy by Vivian Dünger model and styling: Raluca Roşu a tribute to American Horror Story: Hotel series / channeling  Chloë Sevigny as Alex Lowe