Yours daily: flashbacks from the present

There’s something royal about this outfit, especially when it comes to the blood red velvet footwear and the lace white socks. Then there’s this out of place enormous bright red/orange plastic bag that screams : ‘Hey, this is the 21st century after all and plastic used to be a big thing in the ’50s and ’60s!’. Pop art, Andy Warhol’s wig and the Plastic Inevitable. Google it. The shirt throws in a bit of Pollock in the picture, while the sunglasses and hat bring the full-blown hipster in me. When I mean hipster, I mean the old-fashioned way of using the word, with jazz, New York and some Beat poetry going on. Google that too.

All in all it is an outfit you can’t just turn your back to and can take you from walks in the city to evenings with cocktails and art events on some rooftop that’s “happening”.

Oh, look at me, talking fashion like I know what I am doing.

Yours daily,

Raluca Roșu.

pictures taken by Vivian Dünger

Also, I got some great news last Monday which I have already shared on Facebook and Instagram. Elle Romania is holding a competition called  Elle Blogging Awards 2016 and The Daily Tutli-Putli was nominated in their Best Fashion Blog category. I could not be more honored and thrilled. Thank you, Elle Romania and to everyone who has contributed to the blog, especially to my beloved Vivian Dünger. Congrats to all the other nominees to all the categories in the contest.

Vote for me here and be sure to fill-in the small form with your name and details so the vote can be valid:  


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