unboxing and review

My experience with Instantly.bea new and fun digital printing service will be told in English, as it may  also concern foreign visitors of my blog living in Romania  photo DSC_0895_zpssbaskfdm.jpg.

The concept: I see it as a sort of Instagram on wheels as it almost instantly delivers your pictures from Instagram, Facebook or your computer to your home in a digitally printed version. Why Instagram? Because the size of the pictures is quite small and the shape is squared. I really enjoyed those features and the wheels part. They deliver fast: one day for those who live in Bucharest, a couple of days for those who live in other cities. Also, the pictures come in a box resembling a Polaroid camera, the space where you can deposit them if you decide not to frame them. When you place your order, you also get 4 frames for free. A little downside here: if you get more than 4 pictures, you still get 4 frames for free, but it is not clear if you can get more by paying.I liked the cardboard frames because they have colorful prints, but I had some trouble making them stand straight. photo DSC_0905NAM_zpsiramycrd.jpg

Quality and price: I was more than happy with the quality of the print as it is a really good mixture between glossy and matte. The colors are really bright and the paper seems very resistant to time. The price is fairly cheap per picture, which was a nice surprise. However, the transportation counterbalances that. I am not saying it is expensive, but it changes the overall cost. The good part is that works with a delivery company very unusual for Romania and it’s worth the money in the end. My experience was great: the delivery guy was polite, called before coming to my place, arrived when he said he would arrive,etc. That is very rare, as you may know already. photo DSC_0910LL_zps1pgwshsy.jpg

Overall experience: I was satisfied with the service and products, jumping around the house and browsing through the pictures. is for people who want their memories to be palpable, even if their not professional photographers. A similar, but not identical experience you can get with film photography, but that is not for everyone and it requires more time and dedication. With you get your Instagram and Facebook pictures almost instantly printed and delivered to your door.

Thank you for delivering memories that will last beyond a computer’s screen! photo MEMORIES_zpspicmfott.jpg

For orders and more information visit : 

( the site is both in Romanian and English)

Facebook page here


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