SKIN DEEP X DISCOBOLD: I feel feelings for you

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Reflecting upon a T-shirt:

  1. Inspiration is cool and all and we sometimes unconsciously or more consciously  steal from others when it comes to ideas. However, there are limits to this ‘stealing’ even if the almighty Jim Jarmusch recommends it. There is a thing called ‘intellectual propriety’ and circumstances in which imitation is far from flattering. The issue is complex both morally and legally and I won’t name names. However, don’t be stealing other people’s ideas and literally selling them as yours: not in fashion, not in life, never. It’s just not nice. Also, when you’re caught, admit it and change something.
  2. Cotton feels great, especially when it carries playful wise words.
  3. I felt a French vibe when it came to the ‘I feel feelings for you‘ T-shirt even though the words are in English: Parisian somehow, conscious of the cliché a beret would be in Paris but the baby blue somehow saves the day. The trench coat is second hand and I’m not the kind of girl that would sell it to you as Burberry. I am the girl to pair it with some strange almost harem linen pants, golden flatforms, all starting from what some might call cheap sentiment but it’s not. There is nothing better than expressing your love in a quirky manner and that’s why I love this SKIN DEEP T-shirt and it was my first choice when I was asked to choose. Whomever said love never goes out of style was right.
  4. Marina Moldovan and Sandra Discobold are talented, gracious and pretty awesome. GIRL POWER!
  5. SKIN DEEP is a Romanian brand that feels like it can read your mind and then they just translate it into words put on clothes and paper or even plates and even make jewelry out of the whole thing. The result is always so so cool, but you don’t have to trust me. Find their products here.

pictures by  Vivian Dünger

proudly wearing my brand new SKIN DEEP X DISCOBOLD T-SHIRT

and second hand clothes, ofc




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