#yoursdaily: B-sides

 photo DSC_0445AYD_zpsv8fbfmmt.jpg
 photo DSC_0744_zps0vfq4ru8.jpg

 photo bw_zpsrtre8cu1.jpg

 photo DSC_0620_zpsijo1uze6.jpg

 photo yoursd_zpsmdsbm7by.jpg

 photo pinkberetred_zps4rxgglxz.jpg

 photo in-between_zpsbnaorpeo.jpg


 photo manga2_zpsld4y1al2.jpg

 photo yoursdailymarch_zpsao8pgl7r.jpg

 photo fararama_zpsseqqbt8x.jpg

I started #yoursdaily in early January and thought of it as my own alternative to traditional solutions for preventing or eliminating anxiety. I still think it is ‘fashion as (art) therapy’ [for me] even though I have not taken daily pictures. To my surprise though, I took more pictures and did more styling and modelling than expected. However, I shared all the visual results only on Facebook and Instagram, leaving this site as a space for more elaborate, editorial-like #yoursdaily photographs. This happened because the dress up process is chaotic and it only helps me cope with anxiety if it comes naturally. The outfits presented above are my B-sides, at least apparently. They still represent my style and moods and my constant battle with anxiety. They are a mixture of feelings, colors, characters, gender identities and second hand clothes that somehow work together as a group and not as separate posts. I am fond of each garment and accesory in the pictures and I cannot wait to show you more.

#yoursdaily is an ongoing project and I did promise to go through my entire wardrobe

stay tuned for #yoursdaily X Instagram; you’ve already seen  the outfits like you’ve seen these here too, but the act of bringing them together will hopefully add something to the process of dealing with my demons

photography by Vivian Dünger

editing, styling and modelling by Raluca Roșu


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