#Yoursdaily: Instagram and everything after

The end of May 2016 and the beginning of June 2016 has been both busy and productive. We managed to move while not missing the important fashion events of the hour. It is a new life I am finding myself naturally dragged into and I cannot complain: great clothes, creative people, spring and summer in a Bucharest we try to preserve and reinvent at the same time. The #yoursdaily project literally became a daily part of my life, mostly taking snapshots with our phone and putting them on Instagram. As I have said from the start, #yoursdaily is supposed to work as a coping mechanism as well, going beyond wanting to look good or stylish. From January it has gradually managed to change my mood and contribute to a better understanding of myself and my feelings towards the world. The anxiety has significantly decreased and it comes as a great relief to be able to do what I do best: get dressed, look chic without spending a fortune or endless hours in front of the mirror, while enganging in significant or even life altering interaction with others.  Next week I start working as a copywriter. I am thinking of adding a new category to #yoursdaily, namely #yoursadaily goes to work. I shall post my daily outfits and ideas of how to dress to a work place without a strict dress code, in my own quirky manner. Don’t expect dos and dont’s.

Here’s a quick review of my latest outfits.

Yours daily, 

Raluca Roșu

Photography by Vivian Dünger

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May 2016: a variation on the bubble gum, half bun and the anteater backpack



May 2016: second hand glitter everything, armour blouse, an interrupted green trench coat and the occasional Pete Doherty hat – perfect for a rainy spring day



May 2016: the Lana del Rey outfit, a mix of vintage Versace, second hand sequins and blue lip liner wore as lipstick – an outfit for a night out at Bucharest Fashion Film Festival when summer starts to settle in.



May 2016: vintage and plastic, Vivian’s grandmother silk dress, second hand H&M glitter clutch and see-through plastic sandals for Fashion’s Night out with Ioana Ciolacu, THE Romanian designer to die for, during #RomanianDesignWeek.



May 2016: my idea of a casual Sunday outfit is combining the comfort of flats with the irony of a cargo print polo shirt, the silk of a short skirt, all glittered up by the accessories, namely the Hunter S. Thompson sunnies and the shiny Chanel-like bumbag. The ensenmble is second hand, except for the H&M shoes (a smart investment I did last Summer; of course I am still wearing them).



May 2016: silk and vintage once again, paired with a H&M straw hat from last Summer, because many items are timeless if you know how to style them and if worn in full confidence.



May 2016: nothing says casual 90s as well as the white tee underneath the black lace nightwear worn during daytime; however, you can avoid being too predictable by wearing vintage shaped sunnies and a silky and almost boho long skirt.



May ends: Summer is playing coy and I cannot help but follow with this white short dress and a cartoons T-shirt reminiscent of the 90s, paired with almost knee-high colorful socks and patent leather 70s shoes.

Most of my outfits cost around 50 euro or less, which only proves that style does not necessarily require going on spending sprees after every fashion show from a brand you admire. You can pay tribute in your own way, especially when you cannot afford even a scarf from their collections – however God-like these brands might be. Coming back to this particular outfit, I wore it at Fashion’s Night Out with Irina Marinescu, another Romanian designer I greatly admire.


June 2016: with the illusion of rainy days ahead, I went on a full vintage trip with this classic beige rain coat, the velvet turban, the cat eye sunnies and the brown rain boots. Unfortunately, the rain, as the look itself, only lasted for one day.




June 2016: Is it summer yet? I went for the dress over jeans ensemble, without opting for a slip dress but rather for an ample, unusual one. Also, notice that the vintage silk shirt replaces the anticipated simple cotton T-shirt. Keeping the neutral second hand ALL STARS on, I kept in mind that trends should always be loosely and personally interpreted and never just copied from the runway. You’re not an outfit robber, for crying out loud.

This is the last outfit for now and it was worn at the third Fashion’s Night Out with the talented Lana Dumitru. Her newest collection gives a whole new meaning to reinterpreting folklore: I mean she actually reconstructs traditional Romanian masks starting from emoticons. Top that, I dare you!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Gnossienne says:

    Congrats for your new job! I would definitely be interested in a #yoursdaily goes to work category. Are they ok with dressing however you fell like on their premises?

    1. Yes, I can dress quite freely. 🙂

  2. Gnossienne says:


    And sorry for misspelling “feel”.

  3. BeingZhenya says:

    Love the looks you’ve created and congrats on the new job!

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