An afternoon with Skinny Bunny & denim on 35mm

Yes, we are that couple, wearing matching outfits without openly planning.

I was in the mood for trying on this midi denim dress/skirt piece I bought the summer I left for New York. Left it for almost two years in the closet back home and took it just in time for denim to become relevant again. It’s thrifted and always with a twist and a story.

I paired it with golden accessories: earrings, flats and sunglasses. It feels like something from a different season, not too-in-trend, but trendy enough. Just the way I roll, carelessly navigating through a sea of clothes and their ins and outs, until I find a sartorial shore that fits my mood.

Of course, I had to go with the handmade navy T-shirt from Skinny Bunny, the cool Romanian brand belonging to Mary Stroe.

Photographer Ana Moca-Grama captured my/our look(s) for that Sunday afternoon on film  and the result is a mix of nostalgia and chic without much effort.


  • there is still time for a review of my yet unpublished summer outfit pictures
  • follow #yoursdaily outfits on Instagram



  • stay tuned for a new Skinny Bunny collection/story soon




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