This Fall on Instagram (2016)


Last week I wore my new fake fur coat and hat. Monday felt like September, but we’re not here to talk weather. Or are we? Surely, the 4 seasons and Bucharest have not met in a while. I am not used to it and all I can wish for is a walk-in closet with garments for both the warm and the cold season. Not only is the weather as unpredictable as I am on my month long PMS, but it also oscillates between extremes. Just like me, either too hot or too cold.

Styling outside the studio is a dread and dressing for work or a night in the town has become tougher than ever.

Exhibit no. 1 : take the outfit above and compare it to the one bellow; as I’ve already said Last Monday was warm (20 degrees Celsius) and I could have easily worn the outfit bellow. On Wednesday I already needed a fur.


This picture above was taken on September 28, when it was still a little bit too warm for the end of that month. However, it was the ideal temperature for wearing the perfection this thrifted velvet coat is, which I hardly got to get out of my dresser ever since.

Exhibit no.2


Velvet again, I know. It’s trending as we speak, but I am proud to say this number is one of my favorite for a few years now and I have worn it in times when velvet was thought of as a good idea only inside the silver screen for Carrie Bradshaw‘s coats at the beginning of season 6 of SATC.

Disclaimer a) I do not like to pretend I have invented the wheel when it comes to fashion or personal style, far from that. There have been times when I synchronized perfectly with the trends, other times when I followed them and some times when (believe it or not) I found myself anticipating them. Of course, a tiara here or a velvet dress there, nothing too big. Most importantly, I never follow ANYTHING  blindly.

I advise you to try that for a change. Trends come and go. You don’t want to become the Internet fashionista clichée with THAT shop my wardrobe section: filled with last season items from all the fast fashion brands I personally have sworn off. You all know them, come on. Both the brands and the girls.

Disclaimer b) I have always personally loved velvet, ever since I could not fit anymore in that darn emerald gown designed for my 5 year old body . Of course, designers propose new ways of seeing velvet and wearing it. I look, I listen and I keep in mind what suits me best. I might have added thrifted velvet items to my wardrobe already. Lastly, you might see me with velvet ankle boots some…day…soon. Get over it and I’ll get over myself. I promise.

Leaving velvet aside, let’s see some other outfits from my #yoursdaily section on Instagram. I now own 4 different versions of chelsea boots. For now, you get to see the first ones I thrifted, in black. As seen above and bellow.


A quick editor’s note here. The denim jeans I a wearing were bought from a second hand shop and they’re Levi’s, not a vintage model, sorry to dissapoint. I mentioned this because I adore them. They are really the pair of jeans I’ve been waiting for. I can create countless outfits while being comfortable, yet still having that cool look. They also look new, agree?

The (black leather) chelsea boots strike again. I have another pair in black, but they’re suede. One pair is brown leather and the other is silver painted leather. You saw the silver ones in my previous post, they look like something Ziggie Stardust may wear and they’re from ASOS.


black leather and black and white for now


Here’s to a Gucci inspired outfit below  with the silver boots and some sunnies from ASOS too. I think I am preparing for my second order, although I promise it will only be shoes or accessories which are hard to find at thrift stores. Not only am I trying to stay faithful to the motto “buried in second hand clothes“, but I am also trying to help the planet in the mean time.


Speaking of silver and Ziggie Stardust, if you stop to admire my version of all black, you might notice some sparkles there in the shoe area. Those are my thrifted boots from Beacon’s Closet in NY, all covered in glitter. 10-20

I wear them at work as well, as you can see for yourself down below.


I am unwritten for sure. I do not use the word with it’s usual meaning. I have not written for a while about fashion or literature for that matter. Hence, the abundance of phrases with the right amount  of fun and wit. Bear with me.

Now I have to compensate with two pretty outfits and I’ll just say this: go white dinner jackets…

…and velvet pants owned for some time as well!

As we are reaching the end of this madness, I am thankful I managed to keep it short. Keep in mind I am covering a whole season of outfits.

Time for some close up shots and even a selfie now, which could have brought a whole separate rant about accessories. Will leave it for the next post of “this week on Instagram“. Next time it will be an actual week, two weeks tops. Pinky promise!




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