Miss Tutli-Putli’s guide to faux furs




It’s cold, but you don’t want animals to suffer for you comfort. The solution is obvious: buy faux fur coats, as many as you can and in every possible and obnoxious color!

I own a wide selection of faux fur coats, most of them bought from second hand stores in Bucharest. This particular coat is a gift from my fianceé Vivian’s mother and it makes me feel like an artist from the 70s, especially when I style it with Chelsea boots and flared jeans. The futuristic vibe is assured by the Asos sunnies, of course. The pointy silver shoes are from Asos as well, the TRUFFLE collection. I usually buy only second hand or vintage items, but these shoes made me forget about my habits. The silk tie worn as a scarf is of course, thrifted and exquisitely beautiful. This styling is perfect for the current weather and the lack of snow. However, you can fight even colder days  with this faux fur coat if you style it properly. I already have an alternative look posted on the blog. Who said we should be boring when comfortable?

As to my collection of faux furs, I think it can serve as a guide to buying and wearing this essential winter piece. Of course, I bought one in black. It is dramatic and very comfy. There is another one in black, less dramatic, classic actually. My long and milky white garment has been worn at least for two winters in Bucharest after being bought from a thrift store in my hometown.

One of my favorites is my fuchsia coat which feels like I am wearing a stuffed toy made of pluche. The brown one is short but voluminous and it can go from casual to luxurious very easily. The electric baby blue piece is a statement itself, mainly because of its length and its bath robe shape accompanied by a belt. Another bright baby blue coat (short and fluffy) is waiting for me in my hometown, being shipped from New York where I wore it during my ten months adventure. My latest conquest is a faux fur coat bought from a thrift store, which emulates perfectly those ladylike real furs.

Lastly, you must have seen my current obsession with Romanian designer Ioana Ciolacu’s Bespoke faux fur, which I have styled with great pleasure and enthusiasm. An entire piece dedicated to this particular item will be soon posted on the blog.

It’s important to remember that you must have a balance between short and long coats, black/white/beige/gray/brown pieces and bright, statement colors like fuchsia, electric blue, baby blue, powder pink and many more. Make sure to have enough different styles and not buy the same coat in different colors over and over again. I will never forget my brown “bear” fur which I had to leave in New York, but helped me go through a hard winter on the East Coast in 2014.

Secure an animal print one if you can. I have a real animal print fur in leopard, bought from a second hand store. I consider it legitimate to wear real fur only if it is not new. This way you are not encouraging a merciless industry. Of course, some people will still find it offensive, but my position is strong enough not to engage in pointless conversations which cannot make animal’s lives any better. I care for animals and I despise the production of new furs and the people who sustain it by buying their products no matter how splendid a Fendi fur coat might be.

Make sure to click on the links in this article to see the many coats and the many ways in which you can style them. 

Film photography by Ana Moca-Grama

Styling and modelling by Raluca Roşu as part of the #yoursdaily goes to work project

I have recently quit my job and I am currently focusing on The Daily Tutli-Putli

Find my projects on Instagram and stay warm!

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