Miss Tutli Putli’s guide to wearing Ioana Ciolacu this winter & forever

  1. Party season: from November 2016 to January 2017

My favorite dress from Romanian designer Ioana Ciolacu’s CAPSULE AUTUMN WINTER 2016 collection is [unsurprisingly] the emerald green pleated Jaguar number. It was love at first sight and I’m sure you’ll see it around town more and more often. Cheers to that! Cheers to Ioana for letting me style it for a special party organized by Beau Monde Romania.

  • this piece is so versatile that if you add a chunky wool sweater, you can easily pull off a flawless appearance for a morning coffee/brunch/lunch business meeting: morning to midnight outfits are waiting for your creativity!




2. The Bespoke #fauxfur from Ioana Ciolacu’s READY TO WEAR AUTUMN WINTER 2017 COLLECTION

The Beau Monde Romania styling challenge made me discover the multiple possibilities this faux fur coat brings. As you have already seen, I paired it first with the Jaguar dress, silver ASOS Chelsea boots and a dramatic hairdo by  Costa Stavrositu.

Next thing you know, I imagined it in broad daylight, along with Ioana’s HARDCANDY SWEATSHIRT and other garments in bright colors. I actually went at the office in the following outfit.


2016-11-30 01.57.07 1_zpsoxevex5e

2016-11-30 03.13.46 1_zps3rgf1uq7

  • Powder pink wool ASOS hat, bright pink silk pants, light grey velvet ASOS boots and a neon green faux fur collar complete an ironic and iconic retro pimp look which is perfectly wearable on the busy streets of Bucharest and even at work, if you do not have a strict dressing code. The marble appearance of the ASOS sunnies makes the look even funkier and I wish I had photographed the multicolored vintage ADIDAS bag I wore on that Wednesday. Of course, you can easily leave work dressed like this and attend an event in the evening, be it a celebrating 7 years of relationship for two close friends in a cool pub or any sort of stylish/fashion related engagement.

2. Miscellanea

  • The next morning you wake up a bit tired maybe, it’s Thursday but you are free from work and you rush to buy cigarettes. You are a natural when it comes to styling, you pick a dark pair of secondhand Levi’s jeans, your beloved vintage bright pink Reebok sneakers. You keep the dramatic ASOS sunnies and the BESPOKE faux fur, your hair is in a messy half-bun and you decide for a mirror selfie in black and white.


  • The day to quit my job finally comes, the BESPOKE fur has become an obsession and statement piece by now. I get nervous, but I add a small second hand golden purse to mark my no-going-back decision. The vintage driving gloves accompany my desire to go for the road and make me wish I had a car with a smooth slim white wheel to turn and never look back.


  • Everything’s changed now. When V. takes a picture while moving further and further away from the office, it seems only natural to pose while talking on the phone. No words between the two of us, just the instinct of the model working with her no.1 photographer.

Finally, I remember once again that I don’t have a decent picture with me wearing Ioana Ciolacu while next to Ioana Ciolacu. Vivian Dunger fixes everything and I realize this is only the beginning although I’ve reached the end of this post.


Season’s greetings from Raluca Roşu and Ioana Ciolacu! xoxo

  • fashion photography by event photographers, ex co-worker Ana Moca-Grama and Vivian Dünger as part of the #yoursdaily project
  • follow me on Instagram and shop @ioanaciolacu here
  • #yoursdaily does not go to work anymore, many new projects to come and older and loved ones to be continued

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