NYE 2016, a revolutionary road affair


NYE 2016 caught us in bed most of the day. We then had our last photo shoot of the year. I felt the need to tell a story about the possibility of happiness. I’m a champ, after all, having fought many battles within myself. Anxiety and depression were two ugly heads following me for the last three years and now they’re finally small enough to be carried around without me even noticing them most of the time.



Happiness is possible, but patience is what really does the trick. I find myself at ease again, back into my own mind and body. I am taking myself back, with the help of the few ones who are still standing next to me.


Hello there, brave new world  and brave old me! The swim was long and exhausting and the silence overbearing. The world is humming at my feet and red is both a celebratory color and the sign of all the blood, sweat and tears which brought me to where I am now.


Ready to face myself and the world again, I shall have my doors wide open. Vulnerability is a given, but I have no regrets when it comes to wearing my heart upon my sleeve. Personally speaking, I am free once again. However, social restrictions are wrapped in the sparkling lie of a world moving forward. It is not even about living in Bucharest, Romania anymore. I am taking my chances, having my cake and hoping to have at least a taste too.

Colors, trends and labels come and go. Style and honesty are the ones that truly stick.

Looking back, it makes me happy to see I am still guiding my life and this crazy little thing called dailytutliputli.com by the same values I started it with.

No trends, no labels, no makeup. 

I rarely chase fashion, it rather organically sprouts out of me each and every single day.

I rarely look at tags and the name of the brands they carry. I still shop almost exclusively at second hand stores. The only change is having discovered several extraordinary and talented Romanian designers. I follow their work, promote it every chance I get and sometimes I’m even lucky enough to wear their creations. I am open to creativity in all its forms and new voices are always welcome in my world full of thrifted items.

I do wear makeup sometimes. I don’t alter my appearance with it, I do not use editing programs to modify the shape of my body or the smoothness of my skin. I wear lipstick, mostly red. It is dramatic enough for my film noir heroine ambitions.

Here’s to change as an uncontrollable constant in life!  One might consider celebrating the more permanent things in life as well. January starts as December ends and there is nothing we can do when it comes to controlling the time we had, have and will have.


Here I am, impure yet raw: waiting for nothing, embracing action as my second skin.


If the trick is to notice LIFE, then anxiety is like running blindly into walls and depression is like sinking deafly into deep waters. Here’s to being here and now, with all the in-between moments which build miracles and adventures! This is life, always LIVE.

  • Fashion photography by Vivian Dünger
  • Modelling, styling, MUA by Raluca Roşu
  • I am wearing thrifted and/or vintage everything EXCEPT this new red velvet dress worn as a TOP and the Jolidon fishnet stockings
  • edit by #yoursdaily; follow me on Instagram here
  • creative direction by Vivian Dünger & Raluca Roşu
  • find me on Facebook here
  • Happy New Year!
  • of course, this outfit can be easily worn on different and even less “glamorous occasions” + the clothing items can be rearranged into something even MORE glamorous or more casual. For instance, I used the veiled hat for the actual NYE party we went to, but brought it into a more contemporary context. This is however a different story to be told soon!
  • as for the Revolutionary Road reference, I feel like people can dodge personal disasters, provided they acknowledge their given situations openly:

    “Now you’ve said it. The hopeless emptiness. Hell, plenty of people are on to the emptiness part; out where I used to work, on the Coast, that’s all we ever talked about. We’d sit around talking about emptiness all night. Nobody ever said ‘hopeless,’ though; that’s where we’d chicken out. Because maybe it does take a certain amount of guts to see the emptiness, but it takes a whole hell of a lot more to see the hopelessness. And I guess when you do see the hopelessness, that’s when there’s nothing to do but take off. If you can.”

    Richard Yates, Revolutionary Road

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