Ettika: the perks of wearing antique silver handmade earrings

Hello and welcome to Ettika! My first contact with the handmade jewelry brand from Los Angeles, California was through an e-mail I received from their Brand Development Director saying that ‘Ettika loves @dailytutliputli!‘: it tickled my vanity alright and it made me curious enough to check their #ettikareviewteam offer.

I have already styled the first item I ordered and received from Ettika, namely a versatile pair of antique silver earrings. I am known for my special ways when it comes to styling. However, I can honestly say that not only did I have fun coming up with outfits around the accessories, but the accessories themselves helped me a lot as well.

Since we’re talking about honesty here, my only less desirable adventure with the product was that I had to wait a while until I finally had the earrings delivered to my door. My experience so far taught me that it is not advisable to order in the period right before such big holidays as Christmas and New Year’s Eve. After a longer waiting period than expected, I did get my chandelier-fringe earrings. I was so pleased by the fact that they looked even better in real life, that I instinctively played more than one styling game with them.

First there was the Audrey Hepburn look, second the Coyote Ugly spin off and third #theNEWvintage look (*high-waist military green 80s pants and a sweatshirt with a big ASPEN logo). Here comes the 4th (never final) look which has an entire editorial dedicated to it. Thank you, Ettika! I feel like now is the right time to finally consider myself as part of the #ettikareviewteam. Loud, proud and excited about what will be coming both our ways.

#ettika X #dailytutliputli = #yoursdaily wonders 






BONUS: See the three aforementioned looks built around the antique silver earrings  below.




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