Mama Bear 2017/ Louis XVI in Reebok

I have always agreed that trends come and go, but styling & creativity can be eternal or at least make a considerable difference. You’ll find velvet in the following editorial. Bright blue faux fur – check. Bright pink vintage Reebok sneakers are worn within a Louis XVI aesthetic & silhouette, you’re welcome. I am not saying this outfit will necessarily pass the test of time. However, I did enjoy putting it together & I guess we can all agree it is a fresh context in which to introduce the velvet craze/trend, with a ‘faux fur meets teddy bear backpack‘ bonus. It is simply in my nature to go trendy with a twist.

No, what you are about to see is not revolutionary. It is nevertheless honest and something I actually wear with pleasure during winter. Everything garment (accessories included) is either second hand or vintage. Remember: you can and you will look good whenever you’re doing you. Price, labels and trends are always secondary.



Bucharest, January 2017 – #yoursdaily 



unnamed 3_zpsulkwljad


Here’s to a new week with less snow and more running around Bucharest’s cool places!

Stay warm and smart & try not to look back too much.



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