Alexandru Simedru: float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Although Miss Tutli-Putli is mostly buried in her second hand clothes & busy going from thrift store to thrift store, she would be fooling herself not to see fashion as being constantly informed by all the talented and hard working designers out there. Street style is crucial, but the magic happens where this meets the already established fashion houses around the world or the young talents on their own way to a well-deserved international recognition.

Long story short: I am always here to appreciate and be inspired by (young) talent. Of course, I am the happiest when my relationship with designers is based on mutual admiration and respect.

The following styling episode stars Alexandru Simedru‘s creations. He is a passionate Romanian designer for all the true outsiders out there, as the young and down to earth creator declares it himself. Simedru is 23 years old now, but he has been offering a provocative aesthetic to the Romanian fashion scene ever since starting school at the Fashion department from the National University of Arts in Bucharest.


16810321_10212079983785354_1666998489_o_zpsjx1twog5 (1)

Pink Flamingos & glitter: Bucharest, January 2017

A Fashion Design graduate in the present, he sees his work as a cultural and artistic manifesto about the real freedom of being who we are, without paying lip service to any authority and especially to the ridiculous demands of a conservative society. Having in mind both the pros and cons of the high-speed technology we now have access to, Simedru tries to make his voice heard where the white noise of entertainment has replaced critical thinking.



When dealing with plastic people in a plastic society, Alexandru Simedru decides to put a mirror right in front of it. His disappointment becomes both his fuel and material. This is why you see him literally play with plastic in his #sorrymom collection. His signature chokers speak about choked thoughts and the nostalgia of a better future. It is no wonder that this styling challenge fit as a PVC glove to me.

Follow the collaboration as it continues to unravel.



#SORRYMOM, but sometimes I get blue / Bucharest, January 2017



I wore pieces both from the women’s and men’s collections. See-through makes you see through distortions and distractions sometimes. 



‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’/ faux fur is better and do TEXT ME!

That first part is a famous quote from the great boxer Muhammad Ali,

Let’s go through the credits & then we’ll see.

  • wearing Alexandru Simedru pieces, most of them from #sorrymom, his B.A. collection / more details & lookbook here 
  • styling by Raluca Roşu (thank you, A.S. for offering your house and balcony for the photo shoot and thank you for letting me be inspired both by the women’s and men’s clothes and showing me pieces from different periods of your creative process)
  • fashion photography by Vivian Dünger (pictures taken on January 20, 2017)
  • BONUS: two more balcony shots & a behind the scenes treat from Instagram
  1. The royal blue faux fur coat paired with a yellow PVC dress (shirt from the stylist’s wardrobe)  



2.  A timeless [film photography] touch to the styling for the black ‘WHO YOU ARE?’ hoodie. The respective pants are bright pink, as you’ve seen in one of the first images.


3. Adding a denim choker to the ‘WHO YOU ARE?’ mix does not answer the question, but it surely makes the look more dramatic + a glass of prosecco is always welcome. Oh, and no pants this time. Over and out.


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