#yoursdaily [almost Spring edition]

A phone with a good camera is useful for documenting all sorts of events. I tend to dress up even when buying cigarettes and bread & yeah, the phone does help when you have an entire online project documenting your daily outfits. (#yoursdaily ftw)

No matter how hard I tried to coordinate the daily #yoursdaily outfits with  dailytutliputli.com by posting a retrospective of my Instagram feed once a week , I only managed to make much much longer retrospectives. There was one for Summer 2016 and one for Fall 2016 so far. Here’s to hoping: maybe someday ‘this week on Instagram‘ will literally mean a weekly post on The Daily Tutli-Putli.

I do not want to overwhelm you anymore, so there won’t be a series of endless pictures documenting Winter 2016 this time. Instead, I have decided to show you everything in 2 parts through 20 of my favorite styling choices. We start from the present and go backwards from there.

Since Spring is somewhat playing coy, I consider it appropriate to name this selection the  [almost Spring edition]. It is a mixture of me wearing lighter layers without a coat and hoping for warmer days in 10 inside shots. As you will notice yourselves, the beret has been a recurring head piece for me lately. Also, all of these mixes can be easily worn during Spring (read from now on), although shot throughout February and January & precisely because the pictures were taken with the big anti-freezing coats OFF. Turns out I don’t really believe in seasons either, not only trends, tips and tricks for being a fashionista. Double or triple outsider, but who’s counting?

  1. Draped in velvet/ Le Petit Indigent hoodie by Răzvan Firea 

2. The jacket with tartan pants / February 2017

3. Vintage Puma & beret @ Urban Monkey party in Expirat

4. Ioana Ciolacu sweathshirt & vintage visor @ Kane

5. Revolutionary feels for the anti-corruption protests

6. Gucci Red & fishnet stockings / January 2017

7. Going chic with elbow-length gloves & Bad Jubies tee by Răzvan Corneci

8. Silk floral shirt & wool tartan skirt ( January 2017)

9. Adidas sweatpants, silk glittery shirt & beret (again) 

10. Looks like Ralph Lauren equestrian wear, but it’s all second hand

  • the #yoursdaily project goes on, check Instagram daily for (almost) daily and mostly second hand outfits / every outfit above takes you to Insta if you click on it
  • photography by Vivian Dünger or self-shot/ see more of Viv’s photos here
  • I will hurry with the outside shots where I was not freezing because cool big faux fur coats [ I’ll stick to a selection of 10, I promise ]
  • styling by Raluca Roşu with a majority of second hand items 
  • Romanian fashion designers ftw
  • find me on Facebook here
  • Let there be Spring and not just a week long transition to a premature Summer!

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