Le Petit Indigent by Răzvan Firea: draped in velvet (2017)

Remember the 90s American sitcom Seinfeld and its infamous and not-so-fashionable character George Costanza? He might not be your usual style icon, but he did get something right. One of his sartorial dreams was to drape himself in velvet and given the occasion he actually goes for it in a black sweatshirt and matching pants.


In 2017, wearing velvet is not only socially acceptable. Velvet is everywhere, from shoes to jackets, dresses, tops and so on & the trend seems to be here to stay for a while. I am not big on trends and I have worn velvet and will be wearing velvet whenever I feel like it. However, I have tried to distance myself from all the craziness and rather remind myself of the velvet pieces I already have. It turned out I was already very much into velvet, but the items that stayed were the actual timeless ones and I said goodbye to more recent purchases that did not feel 100%  like myself.

Dear George Costanza,

We give you Le Petit Indigent’s latest capsule collection “Scarlett’s Drapes”  by Romanian designer Răzvan Firea. As I see it, the point of these clothes is to make you feel draped in velvet and the creations themselves are a combination between thick, draped velvet and modern shapes (sweatshirts, hoodies  and comfy pants). Also, you will notice the homage it brings to Gone with the wind, the American cult book and movie gravitating around its strong and elegant heroine Scarlett O’Harra Now is a suitable moment (as any) to revisit her world.


Scarlett’s Drapes, official campaign

Photography: Dragos Mitrofan  Make-up: Ioana Covali  Model: Anne Marie Jipa 

Artwork: Marius Concita and Răzvan Firea

If you already know/know of the young and talented Răzvan Firea, then I am sure you have noticed his strong personal style, worthy of a style icon moving as far away as possible from mindlessly following trends. Sure, he follows fashion because he sees it as art and he has the tools to interpret what we are offered in matter of colors, fabrics, silhouettes, shapes and aesthetic. A creator himself, he is both nostalgic and fresh when he puts together an outfit. You can follow him on his personal style blog called Le Petit Prince – Style Adventure or check his many styling projects or articles in fashion magazines ( Beau Monde is a very good example).

Răzvan was kind enough to invite the dailytutliputli.com team (Raluca Roşu & Vivian Düngerto the collection’s launch at Molecule F Concept Store in Promenada Mall, Bucharest. I wore a pink dress by Le Petit Indigent, with thrifted: somewhat velvet (ha!) jacket in oxblood, dark pink gloves, pink Reebok sneakers and black high-waist silk pants + heart-shaped pink earrings and a big fuchsia faux-fur coat.



photography by Marius Concita, styling and editing by Raluca Roşu

Not only did I try on (many) of the items from “Scarlett’s Drapes”, but we actually went for a spontaneous styling session & photo shoot.



Velvet hoodies: Raluca Roşu & Răzvan Firea, photography by Marius Concita




Scarlett’s Drapes, official campaign (see credits above)




Styling by Raluca Roşu, photography by Marius Concita




Scarlett’s Drapes, official campaign (see credits above)

 Selfie in the velvet hoodie with a big bow (as seen above)




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  1. Miss Dailytutliputli, you have made my day ❤ There is such a comfort and joy to be liked and understood by those you admire. xox

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