#yoursdaily: March 2017

Better review an entire month than just a week, right? March 2017 felt more like a week anyways & when it came to fashion, it served as a fuel for a Spring I know will end before it begins. Yes, #fashionweek(s) happened, but I don’t do THEM. I’ll do THEM when I can do it for real. You know the trends already, you’re probably wearing them & social media is already full of click baits ( & cool stuff) about that. This is not why you come here or follow @dailytutliputliI am not sure who comes here and why, but I am getting some clues from the reactions to my yet unsponsored content. It does the trick so far, as it shows what people actually like: the people I like or the ones I want to like me & so on.

To whom it may concern, it’s that time of the month around here when we bring Instagram on the blog. The #yoursdaily project is stronger than ever (read: I post a lot of photos of my outfits on Instagram & Insta stories and get feedback, g-o-o-d feedback). If you are familiar with Raluca Roşu already, you know the following to be true: I feel blessed, I like my life, I love people, I have tons of friends and I KNOW that storms always pass and life is a storm, but we are delicate flowers and may the God of Fashion be in awe whenever I decide to put together a shoe and a dress, whether they’re color coordinated or not, can I get an Amen? Back to #yoursdaily: after a gloomy, yet hopeful image of this morning’s view from my humble window, please find the energy for a recap of March’s best outfits. Editor’s choice Instagram snapshots, as per usual.


Long story short: I express myself through outfits and a whole lotta words. You got the words, you’ll get the outfits & then some more words.


1.  First, this is my most recent #yoursdaily outfit post (street style). It’s April, I know. I look smart, creative, somewhat busy AND easygoing. I drink cheap coffee without being cheap & I will save the world because pink is the new baby blue, wait was it POWEDER pink or ALL PINK? A decaf, pronto!

2. Special projects. Repeat after me: I am relevant, I am r-e-l-e-v-a-n-t…so very much still & forever RELEVANT! Also, I work with other people just FINE. See? Believe? Proof above & why do bloggers say ‘lovelies’ when addressing their audiences, are you intimate or should I be more intimate with my readers? Who cares? Pink is like h-u-u-u-u-u-g-e for Spring (?!?) and I am wearing it. Enjoy, l-o-o-o-v-e. 

a. #dailytutliputli for DETOX+MARKET 8, so help us God

  • wearing Spoff / behind the scenes pics by Laura Bonciu/ good ppl: Carina Calin



b. #dailytutliputli X Bad Jubies Apparel [ The Kiss tee/ editorial SOON ]


3. #yoursdaily actual DAILY OUTFITS, you’re welcome

*As a hashtag and category #thisweekonInstagram really did not happen for us, but it did begin this series. We’ll stick strictly to #yoursdaily next time & you can expect daily/weekly/monthly/per season updates. Not predictable, but there – somewhere.

a. Faking a suit + beret


b. Color me  C R A Z Y 


c. Military green+ silk. I like the light here, that’s about it & ASOS eyewear. I don’t even grammar, so no wonder this is just half an outfit. 


d. Are those loafers red? Is that Burberry? Second hand, mine, for sure . Wearing red, see? Almost two years ago, really, red, dress, here. Oh, more red here, woah! Even my name means red, I’m so trendy. 


e. Is this really real VELVET? Not really, but it’s a cool outfit & photo.


f. Love, actually


4. Nature & other paraphernalia: where I use flowers and trees to look better while faking concern for the environment or I take books in my hands like anyone’s going to believe that the book next to yesterday’s coffee has been read within the last 24 hours & that’s why there’s another book next to today’s Iced Latte.

I hate iced coffee, kill me. 

a. These yellow flowers let us know it’s Spring + ALL JEANS OUTFIT


b. American Pastoral inside the last phone booth in Bucharest + vintage C&A dress


c.  That book matches my sweater. Say what?!? Seriously now, we should all STOP from whatever we’re doing and just read Svetlana Carstean.


Bucharest was moody & gloomy this morning. Not Spring enough now,  too much Summer too soon. Let’s just hope the season won’t leave any more space for the business casual dressers. Please, don’t Instastory your ‘way to work’ if it does not involve the actual coffee you drink first thing in the morning from a chipped mug, ’cause hey, life is a lot of things & chipped is one of them.

I am alive, bloggin’ and kicking, mostly screaming in my own face about things like getting serious ( not too serious)  with styling projects involving other people than myself – models maybe? Also, making sure I have said every possible horrible thing to myself before anyone dares to utter it.

Also, riding the subway was always very chic & if you lived in a really relevant city you’d know that already.  Yeah, this is me waving from the sidewalk, asking you kindly not to park everywhere. My street style posts suffer, you know?

This made no sense, I’m better at writing poems than captions anyways. Hire me for your weddings and funeral, I can write long notes about life, butterflies, cheap sentiment and stuff & I’ll wear something nice. Also, I am s-u-p-e-e-e-e-r liberal, so I support like many different or similar marriage(s) in one’s life. One funeral though, that’s all you get.

YAY Feminism & furry kittens! Didn’t I just see that on a T-shirt? 


Later update: here are some more outfits (at least 7), just to make sure we covered Spring 2017’s #yoursdaily on Instagram well enough and fill in the GAP between this article and the next ones that are all about other projects, then SUMMER, you know what I mean: April & May 2017 stuff, mainly.

a swipe/press right Instagram post about the weird weather we had this spring

classic because April deserves it : #trenchcoat & #fedorahat

April on a hot day: ALL PINK| Spoff blouse by Laura Bonciu

May is cold (1), hence tartan jacket + trench coat + velvet turban

May is cold (2) hence navy blue Lacoste sweater | photography by Irina Gache @ Detox Market 8

May is warm: PJs are the answer (notice shirt from above + lovely mules)

May is…wait, what season? Spring in June calls for some Asian inspo

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