Detox+Market 8: April 22-23 @A3

We are waiting for you this weekend with designer goodies and pre-owned luxury goodies at A3 – Mendeleev nr. 29! See you THIS Saturday and Sunday starting with 11:00 AM. This is an event made possible by the creative duo & my friends Carina Calin and Laura Bonciu.

It’s Detox+ Market 8. The Partying Edition and Miss Tutli-Putli is the poster girl this time. Here is the visual support meant to get you in the mood for even more shopping this weekend. 


Photography by Lehel Kelemen for Detox+ Market/Detox+ Market 8. The Partying Edition

pictures taken at The Brewery
Model & stylist: Raluca Roşu
Dress with stripes and mint jacket: Spoff by Laura Bonciu [styling master as well]
Project fairy: Carina Calin
Artwork with colorful straws: Lucian Hrisav
The vintage and/or second hand supplies for the outfit – including tiara, silk gloves, ring, golden necklace and PINK Reebok sneakers, T-shirt & skirt were taken from the stylist’s (#dailytutliputli) wardrobe.









It was great working with all these creative, fun and talented people. Nothing like meeting people through work, becoming and staying friends after. Cheers to that, cheers to us!

*the LINE UP IS REALLY GOOD, but don’t take my word for it and check this list of brands, designers and other cool people:

JEWELRY CORNER ( sales:50% -80%)

[ ACESTA ESTE AFISUL OFICIAL & scriu in romana pentru ca pot ]

  • meet me in person starting tomorrow + my humble vintage & previously worn goodies
  • also, follow me on Instagram, just because

Yours daily,

Raluca R./ Miss Tutli-Putli

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