Streets of LOVE: Pinberry Shirts X Skindeep

I love WHITE SHIRTS and I cannot deny it. The first gift Vivian Dünger ever gave to me was his vintage YSL classic white shirt. I bought many before and after this great moment, but this particular shirt stays with me forever. I used to wear it all the time, but then I got scared: what if I ruin it? I am in a current break from the said shirt, but I got plenty of white shirts to choose from.

Camasa alba de vacanta 2017, grup

*picture taken by Virginia Lupu with the crew (on Mendeleev street)

There are two particularly special models now and they are both a collaboration between Pineberry Shirts, Skindeep by Marina Moldovan & the Fashion PR guru Noemi Meilman. It translates as ”THEholidayshirt” ( #camasaalbadevacanta) because it is based on the idea that whenever you go away to relax, you’ll surely need and use this simple, white shirt that goes both with sea and sand & with cozy quiet walks in the forest. Last year is when everything started and there are two kinds from Spring/Summer 2016. See, the front is simply white and the back has something printed and designed by Marina. I got the one with a black & white photo by Noemi and lettering by Marina saying: Palms & Charms. The other one had a color photography on the back and it said Where the Palm Trees Are. In 2017, the two new models tell different stories, with a very special meaning.

  1. Walking the Streets of Love

Walking the Streets of Love, Raluca si Vivian 3

Raluca Roşu and Vivian Dünger *see our personal essay in SUB25 magazine here

Walking The Streets of Love 3

Paul Dunca, performer at Centrul National al Dansului si Mihai Baltac, artist

Walking The Streets of Love references Rolling Stones‘ song and is a message of support for the LGBTQIA+ community in Romania and all around the world. Love needs to walk on happy and free streets, because love is plenty and love is for everyone.

(10 lei of each purchase is given to a special Romanian organisation called MozaiQ, which addresses and takes care of the LGBTQAI+ community’s needs)

2. Hungry Eyes 

Hungry Eyes, Diana

Diana Nica, copywriter

This white shirt features some naughty hands and eyes in the front too, alongside with the message on the back. If you haven’t seen THE MOVIE “Dirty Dancing“, then just DO something about it NOW. Dirty Dancing is turning 30 in the Summer of 2017, so this particular #camasalabadevacanta is an homage to the cult film. Let’s take a quick listen to the famous song titled Hungry Eyes, hurry up!

3. Power couple

Virginia Lupu really got the best of us & here is even more proof. The pictures are not retouched. She took them with a Contax t2 camera, using a Fuji 200iso film.

Walking the Streets of Love, Raluca si Vivian 4

*the guards in front of France’s Embassy weren’t so happy about this shot above, but virgenieinabottle  went all the way and managed to take two shots before they escorted us out of there and kept on asking for our IDs

Walking The Streets of Love Raluca si Vivian 2


Artistic director: Robert Ratiu

Photography on film by Virginia Lupu

Make up for Diana Nica by Vicky Ghigeanu

Pictures taken around Mendeleev street and at A3

#Camasaalbadevacanta can be purchased online on


It will soon be available in Molecule F‘s concept store from Promenada Mall

*price: 160 lei/ 10 lei goes to MozaiQ’s projects ( pro-LGBTQIA+ organization)

#camasaalbadevacanta #THEholidayshirt #noemixpineberryxskindeep  #walkingthestreetsoflove #hungryeyes17

  • follow #camasalbadevacantas adventures around the world on Instagram as well
  • This project was not just something nice and creative to be part of on a rather chilly Saturday morning, with people I respect and care for. Most importantly, it was a chance to participate in something I wholeheartedly stand for. I believe in free, unconditional love for everyone and equal rights, no matter how individuals represent themselves in the world or whether they choose to be less vocal about who they are. It’s enough to say that people love, people walk and people talk. They breath, they exist, they have bodies and minds of their own & if they’re lucky enough, they find each other in this messy and sometimes cruel world.


Raluca & Vivian

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