Fashion on film (2): black & white fall

Welcome to the second episode of our newest project called #fashiononfilm! Let’s just name this episode #blackandwhitefall, OK?

We had the pleasure to return from the seaside to a Bucharest where the weather was gently turning into autumn bliss. I know, we’re actually dealing more with this Indian summer some want to enjoy as much as they can, while others are just happy to see some signs of autumn settling in.

As for myself, I love Bucharest during the fall season. The reasons are infinite, from the smell of possibility and change along with the wind carrying away the fallen colorful, yet dead leaves to the inevitable shift in mood. I first came to Bucharest during the opening of the school year at my alma mater, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest. It was October, I was 16 and walked from Hotel Capsa to Splaiul Independentei. I moved to Bucharest at 18 and it was the end of september 2008 & it felt like the perfect time to dress up for the city while experiencing the usual teenage dramas with their unfulfilled love stories & broken friendships.



Fall 2008 also meant that I was escaping my small town and finally being and living by myself.  I shared a small room in a dorm with a very religious girl, but what bothered me most was the small closet we shared and the lack of any other storage space for my clothes. I arrived that year with my mother, barely being able to take the luggage off the train and walking through Gara de Nord. We took a shady cab and shared another dorm room while expecting to get assigned to my actual living place. My mother is a teacher and my number one supporter, so she entered all kinds adventures with/for me. She carried the biggest and heaviest suitcase after approving taking three suitcases, from a huge one to a normal one. She always loved Bucharest anyways and she would visit as often as possible. I see her moving here in the future, this city simply fits her and definitely needs her. See, mother, I am writing about you. Yes, you’re cool and your first yahoo id was teaching freak. How could anyone not love you? (just like you always tell me)

My first autumn in Bucharest was the best (or at least top 3) one spent here. It lasted long enough to parade my wardrobe during my walks, discovering some of the most beautiful places in this city I am ambivalent about now; however, it takes some time apart from it (at least a week) to come back loving everything or at least seeing everything in the most generous light. I wore berets almost everyday, btw.

random by R


I don’t know when fall will come to stay this year or how long it will last, but if you go out early in the morning for coffee you surely feel it already. Fall is very generous when it comes to styling options and I always take even the smallest chance to dress up for her.

We’ll first show you a styling adventure where I gave fall my best regards, much more then a Fall 2017 look. The pictures are captured on black and white film. Rest assured, we’ll be ready for fall with a batch of color films as well.

The second styling adventure is about Indian summer and how you can give in to it while anticipating the Fall 2017 trends with your outfit. Still #blackandwhitefall after all, right?


1. Garçon or keeping our fingers crossed for gender fluidity to take over the world







2.  Vintage Versace eyewear & cigarettes





 A project by Raluca Roşu & Vivian Dünger 

#fashiononfilm photography by Vivian Dünger

model and styling: Raluca Roşu 

Hope you enjoyed our 2nd episode as well: #blackandwhitefall.

We used a Minolta Dynax 300si & black and white FOMAPAN 200 film

For the first episode, #thelastweekofsummer, click here.

Stay tuned for more film photography on


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