#dailytutliputli for Glamour #streetfashionshow 2017

Here’s the deal: we made this editorial for Glamour Romania‘s contest & event called GLAMOUR STREET FASHION SHOW. There are 10 Romanian bloggers, each with a team of 10 contestants. I am being part of #teamoutsiderz (LOUD and PROUD!), meaning the team of Patricia Luiza Blaj from theoutsiderz.com! The first stage of the competition is over. People sent their pictures and a video, the 10 bloggers picked the most suitable 10 to represent them. We have 100 contestants.

STAGE TWO: THE VOTING PROCESS! If you go on glamour.ro, click on STREET FASHION SHOW, you’ll see pictures and links to each of the 10 bloggers and their respective teams. If you want to cast votes for Patricia’s team, go for her cool picture with the name Patricia Blaj underneath. I invite you to check everyone in the contest, from each team, ofc.

However, I’m gonna be honest and say: CAST YOUR VOTES TO #TEAMOUTSIDERZ! The team is part of 10 cool people, the keywords being diversity, courage and awesomeness. Also, 10 is the operative number here. Voting means giving the highest grade possible from 1 to 10 there. We settle with 10, ok? You can VOTE between October 2 and November 10, 2017. You can give us a 10 everyday throughout this period. 

If you want to vote for Raluca Roşu, the DIRECT link is here. Thank you!


STAGE THREE: Once the voting process is over, each contestant will have a grade (the average from the voters). We won’t have access to that grade from the public until the GRAND EVENT taking place at BIAVATI EVENTS on November 13. Imagine: 10 of the most influential Romanian bloggers and 100 stylish people rocking the RUNWAY in their (hopefully) best outfits.

Raluca Rosu has prepared something quite extravagant, special & different from the present styling for that evening & we can confirm that this is the case for all of Patricia Blaj’s team members: Mihail TambaTocai Octavia-AnteeaDavid DarinaSonia SalomieBumputu RebeccaAlexandra AvramDamsa AlinaMagda Coman Alexander White.

1 m(1)

We say: let’s have fun and enjoy each other’s creativity! However, it is a contest with winners, prizes and all. For more information about it, read this article. A jury (to be announced) will give their grades on the night of the event and the winners will be the ones with the highest grades ( 50% is the public’s opinion and 50% is the jury’s evaluation).

Enjoy more pictures from the editorial & styling we did so far!



5 (1)

  • see the artwork right behind me in this last photo? Credits are due: drawing by @alinamarinesq for “In a Relationship”, a project by @ffff.ro & @avonspace, part of “Campania Respectului” (RO)

vote for Raluca Roşu here

photography by Vivian Dünger

model & styling Raluca Roşu

#dailytutliputli on Instagram: instagram.com/dailytutliputli/

Vivian’s Insta here: instagram.com/vivisectie/

check Patricia Blaj’s Insta here: instagram.com/wearetheoutsiderz/

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  1. Love the idea behind this event. Good luck to you and your team.


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