This Fall on Instagram (2017)

When we started the #yoursdaily project, we knew it would not be only a CATEGORY on, because it translates perfectly into SM, especially Instagram. Ideally, we would carry a DSLR all the time & have the time to stop for proper photo shoots around all of my outfits. However, life happens. Also, sometimes it just feels more natural to get a quick, yet cool snapshot of a certain moment in time with a particular outfit. If you are following me on Instagram, you’ll notice though that the hashtag is applied both to mobile phone spontaneous #lookoftheday pics & the result of (more or less) elaborate shooting sessions.

Time. We always hope for the time to do a weekly review of the aforementioned spontaneous part of #yoursdaily. When we’re gonna finally make it, you will know – the article would be called #thisweekonInstagram. So far, we’ve reviewed entire months or entire seasons through Instagram. It is the case for Fall 2017 as well. We feel it is important for the photographs & styling options to have their place on the as well. It makes it easier for our readers: instead of endless scrolls & searches on Insta or Facebook, the images will be HERE. Also, organization is key. That’s why we always try to post around a month, a season, etc. [rationalizing laziness? Maybe, but the intent is always to give you the best of the best & especially OUR BEST.]

This time it is all about FALL 2017 in #dailytutliputli terms. We are covering September & October (so far). Fall has been amazing in Romania in general. These two last months made us productive, happy and eager to create outfits (almost) every single day.  The story starts at the seaside and continues in Bucharest (15 outfits). You will be in for a surprise by the end, but it will be worth it ( 5 MORE outfits). September and October felt (so far) as if summer was really going to just stay or as if it were spring and summer was preparing to settle in, once again. It looks like starting Monday, things are going to change a bit, so THIS IS THE TIME. 


1. September 1st, 2017 [ 2 mai, Constanta ]

2. Long red dress with white patterns & vintage Versace eyewear

3. Lace & stripes go with coffee & graphic T-shirt in black & white

4. Striped tee (Resale Shop) with a RANDOM shiny silver dress

5. THE OVERSIZED TARTAN JACKET (#secondhand) with a silk scarf

6. That moment when you just wear a dress with pink&black sequins with flared jeans & pointy shoes 

7. Brown suede & #backtoschool vibes

8. Forgive me, for I have sinned. The INSIDER piece is from Z*ra.

9. If it feels like summer, better show some skin. Or something…

10. Shopping with my favorite boots on, a #trenchcoat, my #fake LV bag & Viv’s tie. Oh, also sweater wheater; stripes.

11. Can you say OVERSIZED JACKET & FAVORITE BOOTS again, please?

12. The #trenchcoat, the red #beret & another #fake LV bag! Yasss!

13. I finally have a pair of PURPLE PANTS + mandatory #beret in black

14. This Maison Oana Radu #fauxfur baby blue collar just works with my vintage tartan dress ( pleats in gray & pale pink! ) and my #secondhand bright pink Reebok sneakers.

15. THE vintage YSL white shirt with a silver button & THE #secondhand denim dream makes this styling my favorite in a very long while

We promised a SURPRISE consisting in 5 more #yoursdaily outfits. They can be found on my Instagram right after March 2017 up until September 2017. I feel they need to be HERE & it is just unacceptable they would get lost into the Spring-Summer haze we went through on! Also, they could have all been worn during these past two generous months.

Here we go.

16. Why so smug? The gray & brown work so well together here. Marc Jacobs flats, btw.

17. Gone with the wind: this dress & those pointy mules, man…

18. A styling worthy of those Christian Roth sunnies | #OPTIblu #pink

19. Sailor, sea, stripes inspiration gone 70s denim; it works, I know.

20. Sometimes a floral dress is everything you need | #secondhand + gray Asos suede boots & vintage Kurt Cobain-ish eyewear

Model & styling: Raluca Roşu

Photography by Vivian Dünger

*exceptions: (7) by Irina Gache & (14) by Oana Radu | (9) is a #selfie

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